Hi! I’m Merete. I’m a traveler at heart who loves photography and the great outdoors. I caught the travel bug at an early age and never looked back. Although I sat through years of school, ultimately getting a Law degree and an undergrad degree in Broadcast Journalism, I realized what I love most in life is traveling and taking photos so I decided to showcase the highlights through Outside the Limits. 

Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy

My hope is to inspire people to step outside not only the city limits but also their own limits and venture into the unknown. There are so many amazing places, people and things to see in the world. Why not take the next step? Warning: Amazing experiences may result. 🙂 You don’t necessarily have to travel far. Some of the best places I’ve visited have often been in my own backyard. There’s nothing better than just hitting the road to see what you can find. If only I had enough time to explore it all! 

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