Devils Tower

Devil’s Tower has long been surrounded by legend.  Although many people may recognize the mysterious rock formation from the 1977 movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, for years many American tribes have found it sacred and each have their own tale surrounding the oddly shaped monument. One of the interesting tales about Devil’s Tower is told by the Kiowa…Continue Reading “Park Beat XIV: Devil’s Tower National Monument”

Gillette, Wyoming

What is it about hitting the open road that creates a sense of newfound freedom; the feeling that the future lies out ahead with no need to look behind? Having the opportunity to drive cross country in any direction is not only a beloved American pastime, but it’s also a history lesson, the cure to an explorer’s endless need…Continue Reading “To Chicago & Back in Eight Days – Wyoming”


Whenever I travel anywhere near the coast, it’s a good bet I’ll spend a day at the beach. Padre Island National Seashore, a strip of 70 miles of protected coastline, is the longest undeveloped barrier island in the world and serves as a refuge for 380 species of birds along with a nesting ground for…Continue Reading “Park Beat XVIII – Padre Island National Seashore & Corpus Christi”

A Portal to the Past in San Antonio

In all the traveling I do, some of my favorite places are those rich in history. During our trip to Texas, our next stop was San Antonio, a historical and cultural hotspot, filled with medieval missions set in the midst of a bustling metropolitan area.  The route that makes up the San Antonio Historial Park extends from south of the city to…Continue Reading “A Portal to the Past in San Antonio”