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Ocean Shores

An Ode to My Favorite Jetty

There’s a jetty in Ocean Shores, WA that always catches the light just right, 

At the very end of Ocean Shores Boulevard, a special place awaits in sight.
Beach grass pops up out of the sand, swaying in the soft breeze, 
Rocks pile up, one on top of the other, reaching towards the seas. 
The narrow strip of land acts as a giant jungle gym, 
Climbing higher and higher, one false move and you might lose a limb. 

But it’s well worth the view as the sun slowly lowers in the sky, 
The light reflects off the water in a glistening high. 
As the sun starts to set, the giant boulders take on a crimson glow, 
The lingering light filters into the shadows and the darkest crevices down below.
Seagulls and cranes fly back and forth overhead, 
In mismatched flight patterns, often ending up misled…. 

As the light fades one ray at a time, 
The horizon unravels into a muted glow, best described as sublime.
Subtle and delicate, the twilight plays off the waves, 
Streaming through the salty air and the makeshift stone caves. 
All that is left is a few silhouetted figures tromping down the protected beach,
One foot after the other, the chilled water just out of reach. 
Tire tracks weave in a drunken stupor in the sand,
Stretched out in a long wavy pattern just as planned.
It’s a perfect night, calm and sweet, 
The day is just about complete.
The ocean can be vicious, quite angry at times, 
Sea spray fiercely slapping the jetty as the wind chimes.
But not tonight,
In the soft subdued light, 

Far in the distance, ships‘ beacons shine bright,

Suggesting all is alright. 

 Forever strong, the jetty bravely juts out into the calm, gentle ocean,
Just as the sun slips away in harmonic motion.  

Where exactly is this scenic spot?


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