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National Parks

Canyonlands National Park

Park Beat XVI – Canyonlands National Park

Each year, as the seasons pass by, many of the national parks are cast in a new light. We weren’t exactly sure what to expect when we decided to visit Canyonlands National Park in late November, but as we drove towards the Island in the Sky Visitor Center, we entered a scene that...

Cabrillo National Monument

Park Beat IV – Cabrillo National Monument

At the end of a long strip of land, called Point Loma, with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the San Diego Bay on the other, is Cabrillo National Monument. Cabrillo National Monument commemorates Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo, who led the first European expedition to what is now the west coast...

Joshua Tree National Park

Park Beat XIV – Joshua Tree National Park

Driving into the desert is both exhilirating and solemn. The feeling of freedom abounds; free to explore and step out alone. There are no limits. Where the Mojave meets the Colorado Desert, mile after mile, foreign terrain stretches out past oddly shaped Joshua trees and large stacked...

Park Beat XIII – Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument

There’s a good chance that, unless you live in Idaho, you’ve never heard of Hagerman Fossil Beds, but not too far from Boise is home to over two hundred different species of fossilized plants and animals including the Sabertooth Cat, Mastodon, Bear, Camel and Ground Sloth...

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