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Rolling the Windows Down

There’s nothing better than hitting the road with a full tank of gas, a playlist of podcasts loaded and the windows rolled down. Road tripping across the rugged landscape of the American West never gets old.  But after traveling a certain route time and time again, it’s often easy to predict what lies ahead.  The next town, setting and scene are mapped out in my mind as the miles tick by on the odometer.  I’m used to seeing the same places over and over, and usually it all whizzes by without a second thought. 

But, once in a while, the unexpected occurs.  One day not too long ago, we’re driving along, heading home to Boise, ID after a quick trip to Seattle, WA and as we round a corner, a scene unfolds before us. We’re hardly a few short miles outside of Baker City, OR. The sun lowers to just the right angle, so that the light bounces off the car windows and casts a golden glow onto the surrounding land.  We literally view the area in a different light. 

We roll the windows down at 70 mph to get a better look at the farmland stretching out to the mountains in the distance.

Our trusty travel companion hangs out the window, taking in all the farm smells, as the warm air echoes through the car. She couldn’t be happier. 

We travel on to our destination, but not before taking a second to enjoy the valley. It’s these impromptu moments that are the best along the way.  Grabbing a camera, letting the air rush through the car and looking back as the car speeds on is all part of being on the road. Always keep your eyes wide open for the unexpected. You never know when the light will be just right.


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