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It’s Unbeliezable!

Standing atop “El Castillo”, the second tallest structure in Belize, it’s no surprise people have always been fascinated with the Mayan culture. With their advancements in art, architecture, mathematical and astronomical systems, people are continually drawn to the...


Where to in Mexico?

It’s  about that time of year that I’m already dreaming of white sand beaches and bright blue tropical water.  Lately, I’ve been getting an itch to travel back to Mexico. Although Mexico’s reputation often stems from poor water and late night tequila...

The Sea is Calling

To cruise or not to cruise? People generally either love cruising or hate it. It’s truly it’s own animal when it comes to taking a vacation. While embarking on a seaward journey, you will almost always hear someone say, “It’s my first cruise and my last,” or on the flip side, “My next...