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Kerry Park

When An Apocalyptic Dream Teeters Close To Reality

On a Sunday afternoon in March, you would expect a normal overcast day in Seattle; Pike Place Market stuffed with people and flowers; the wharf teeming with tourists and random performers. Parking at the popular Kerry Park would be nonexistent. There wouldn’t be a clear shot in sight...


Discovering Seattle Bit By Bit

A couple times a year I travel to Seattle, WA to visit family.  Although I’ve been to Seattle many times over the past 15 years, I’m always surprised to find a new piece of the city that I hadn’t discovered before.  One such place is the Washington Park Arboretum nestled on the...

A Sunny Day in Seattle

Believe or not, once in a while the sun does shine in Seattle, WA.  When most people think of Seattle, there are a few key trademark thoughts that come to mind: Starbucks, the Space Needle, Pikes Market and seafood, the Seattle Marners, Sonics and Seahawks, University of Washington...