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Kerry Park

When An Apocalyptic Dream Teeters Close To Reality

On a Sunday afternoon in March, you would expect a normal overcast day in Seattle; Pike Place Market stuffed with people and flowers; the wharf teeming with tourists and random performers. Parking at the popular Kerry Park would be nonexistent. There wouldn’t be a clear shot in sight...

Leavenworth Washington

A Hidden Gem in the Mountains

Fall; such a perfect blending of the long summer days and the crisp air slowly creeping in. As the official day of winter quickly approaches, this is a tribute to fall; arguably the best season to get out and explore even on those rainy days. Leavenworth, Washington...

Hood Canal

Road Tripping in the Pacific NW: Cruising up the Hood Canal

The northwestern part of Washington State is constructed like a giant jigsaw puzzle with an intricate maze of islands and strips of mainland interspersed with salt and fresh water. Whether you hop on a ferry to one of the islands or cruise the highways leading out onto the Olympic...

Snoqualimie Falls

The Upside of a Rainy Day

Sometimes you just can’t escape the rain unless you snuggle up with a good book and a blanket on the couch. For photographers, the rain can be a nuisance, fogging up lenses and leaving evidence of raindrops on digital prints. Yet, once in a while, it’s still fun to venture out on those...