Farewell Boise – It’s Been Fun


Diverging a little bit from Peru, I'd like to note a recent development.  It's been a long time coming. Practically ever since I touched down in Boise, Idaho in 2010, I've had an ok, maybe it's ok, relationship with the city. The time has finally … [Read more...]

Exploring the Sacred Valley III – Ollantaytambo & Aguas Calientes


We left the sanctuary of the Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel and headed towards Ollantaytambo via taxi to catch the train to Aguas Calientes. Tucked away in the upper Amazon Basin and only accessible by train, on the eastern slopes of the Andes, Agua … [Read more...]

Exploring the Sacred Valley II – Salinas, Maras & Moray


In all honesty, writing about Peru has been a slow and tenuous process. It was a wonderful experience but in the midst of trouble stateside. It was the last trip we would take together but I'm glad it was to Machu Picchu. It’s tough to write about … [Read more...]

Exploring the Sacred Valley – Pisac, Peru


A lot of people travel to Peru with one thing in mind; Machu Picchu. But there are actually a multitude of Incan ruins in and around the Sacred Valley that are worth taking the time to explore. The first day we arrived in Peru, we settled into the … [Read more...]

First Impressions of Peru


For what seems like forever, I've wanted to travel to Machu Picchu. Just about everybody says that though right? :) I put Machu Picchu on my bucket list in my early 20's as my wanderlust continued to grow.  But, it's always been one of those places … [Read more...]

To Chicago & Back in Eight Days – Homeward Bound

Alliance, Nebraska

It was the last real day of our roadtrip before driving through Utah and returning home. As we drove across Nebraska towards Cheyenne, WY,  there were only a few stops left on our itinerary.  We barreled across the state as storm clouds rolled in … [Read more...]

The Road is Calling – Wisconsin to Nebraska


Before we left Wisconsin to head back west, we took a quick tour of Milwaukee perched alongside Lake Michigan. At first glance, Milwaukee was a little rough around the edges and dated. However, once we drove out along the lake, it was as picturesque … [Read more...]

At Long Last – Chicago


After a long night driving across South Dakota and Minnesota, luckily, I didn't have too far to go before reaching Chicago on day four.  It was a quick trip to drop off my friends at their Improv Retreat in Mukwanago, Wisconsin, and then I was off to … [Read more...]

To Chicago & Back in Eight Days – South Dakota to Wisconsin


Back on the road again, on the third day of our trip to Chicago and back, we had another long stretch to go. South Dakota and Minnesota lay out ahead before reaching La Crosse, Wisconsin that night. Starting the day off in a fake dinosaur park, it … [Read more...]


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