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Where to in Mexico?

It’s  about that time of year that I’m already dreaming of white sand beaches and bright blue tropical water.  Lately, I’ve been getting an itch to travel back to Mexico. Although Mexico’s reputation often stems from poor water and late night tequila runs, Mexico is a country filled with beautiful beaches, archeological gold mines and a rich cultural history, all making it well worth a trip to our southern neighbor. But where in Mexico is the best place to visit? Here’s a look at three top Mexican destinations:


Cabo San Lucas

If you’ve never been to Mexico, Cabo San Lucas is a great place to start. Located on the baja peninsula, Cabo is well developed making it feel more like the U.S. than Mexico at times.  Each time I’ve traveled to Cabo, I’ve had a unique and great experience.  Once in Cabo, you can choose from a variety of activities from hanging out at the beach, taking a boat or atv tour to horseback riding and/or enjoying the vibrant nightlife. It’s a perfect place for a quick getaway to a warmer climate if you don’t have a lot of time.



So far, Cancun is probably my favorite place to travel to in Mexico. Cancun and the surrounding area, on the Yucatan Peninsula, is a hot spot for archeological ruins coupled with gorgeous beaches and prime snorkeling and scuba diving. The major hotel zone of Cancun sits on a spit of land bordering the Caribbean Sea. From Cancun, its only a bus ride away inland to the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, considered one of the largest and most accessible Mayan ruins. Designated as a World Heritage Site and now one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, Chichen Itza, is truly a magnificent place to visit. After walking through towering pyramids, temples and massive sports fields, it’s no wonder visitors leave in awe of how it was constructed thousands of years ago. From Cancun, you can also visit the smaller Tulum ruins overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Also catch a tour from Cancun out to the Punta Nizuc Reef, part of the Mesoamerican Reef stretching 600 miles from the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula all the way to the bay islands in Honduras, to see a vibrant display of sea life from sting rays to barracudas. The Mesoamerican Reef is the largest coral reef in the western hemisphere and the second largest barrier reef in the world, only second to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  Several companies such as Aquaworld, offer a variety of water based tours. If you enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving and/or archeological ruins, Cancun is a great base to explore the region from.



East of Cancun off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula is the island of Cozumel. Cozumel is a popular cruise ship destination, but it’s also well known for it’s snorkeling and scuba diving sites. If you’d rather stay on land, just like everywhere else in the Carribean, there are beautiful beaches to explore and a neat lighthouse south of San Miguel. There’s even a few tiny ruins to explore. Cozumel is a fun cruise ship stop, day trip from Cancun, or vacation in itself.


No matter where you choose to travel to in Mexico, one thing is for sure: there will be a lot of sun, tropical drinks and beautiful blue water. That sounds pretty nice right about now!

Where is your favorite place in Mexico?


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