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United States

Route 66

It’s All About the Signs on Route 66

Five days to make it to Virginia. A friend was driving a car back east and I had nothing but time. So of course, I wasn’t about to pass up a chance at a road trip. Along the way the objective was Route 66, the main street of America, picking it up in Kingman, AZ to where it turns...

Big Island Hawaii

Is it summer yet? – The Big Island of Hawaii

New beginnings are difficult. It’s never easy walking in the opposite direction of the way you came. The same question runs over in my mind time and time again. How do I keep going?  The Big Island of Hawaii was in essence the start of my journey in a new direction...

Leavenworth Washington

A Hidden Gem in the Mountains

Fall; such a perfect blending of the long summer days and the crisp air slowly creeping in. As the official day of winter quickly approaches, this is a tribute to fall; arguably the best season to get out and explore even on those rainy days. Leavenworth, Washington...

Boise, Idaho

Farewell Boise – It’s Been Fun

Diverging a little bit from Peru, I’d like to note a recent development.  It’s been a long time coming. Practically ever since I touched down in Boise, Idaho in 2010, I’ve had an ok, maybe it’s ok, relationship with the city. The time has...

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