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The Coast

Pure Silence in Port Orford, OR

Pure silence is a hard thing to come by.  Even in the deadest of nights, you may hear a car pass by, the low hum of a computer screen or light, a creak in the wall or the sound of a ventilation system starting up. The wind will beat against an air vent, a storm will pass over, the...

A Moment to Reflect in a Digital Age

Sometimes I feel nostalgic for the good old days when everything was a lot less complicated. Time moved at a slower pace and the transfer of information and images weren’t instantaneous. You actually had to wait to see, anticipate and look forward to how a photograph would turn out...

The Sea is Calling

To cruise or not to cruise? People generally either love cruising or hate it. It’s truly it’s own animal when it comes to taking a vacation. While embarking on a seaward journey, you will almost always hear someone say, “It’s my first cruise and my last,” or on the flip side, “My next...

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