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Road Trips

Joshua Tree

Oh Joshua Tree

From the very first moment I ever stepped foot in Joshua Tree National Park, it’s been a staple in my mind. I can never quite get the terrestrial landscape out of my head. I think back to the first time I visited Joshua Tree, alone on a quest to discover a new place. I drove...

California Coast

Chasing the California Dream

Chasing the sun down Highway 1, up and down the rock cliffs, we floated among the clouds. The California coastline is a classic. Nothing but ocean as far as you can see, green rolling hills and million dollar properties line the steep views. We jetted out of San Francisco, headed...

Redwood State Park

Drifting through the American West

Endless road stretching out to the horizon; we had no set direction and no place to be. We drifted to find new places, and at the same time, to find nothing at all. If I have ever felt a true feeling of freedom, with no restraints and a genuine opportunity to simply explore, it...

Route 66

It’s All About the Signs on Route 66

Five days to make it to Virginia. A friend was driving a car back east and I had nothing but time. So of course, I wasn’t about to pass up a chance at a road trip. Along the way the objective was Route 66, the main street of America, picking it up in Kingman, AZ to where it turns...

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