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Road Trips

Park Beat XIV: Devil’s Tower National Monument

Devil’s Tower has long been surrounded by legend.  Although many people may recognize the mysterious rock formation from the 1977 movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, for years many American tribes have found it sacred and each have their own tale...


To Chicago & Back in Eight Days – Wyoming

What is it about hitting the open road that creates a sense of newfound freedom; the feeling that the future lies out ahead with no need to look behind? Having the opportunity to drive cross country in any direction is not only a beloved American pastime, but it’s also a history...

Mount Bachelor

Remembering Paulina Lake, OR

Over Father’s Day weekend, we traveled over to Sunriver, OR, a place where some of my youngest and fondest memories were formed. When I was little, my dad built homes in Sunriver and later on, he was a fly-fishing guide on the Deschutes River, so I lived in the area off and on through my...

Texas Hill Country

Over and Under the Texas Hill County

Not too long ago, while visiting Texas, we spent a couple of days in and around what’s appropriately coined the Texas Hill Country. We stayed at a Worldmark Resort in New Braunfels, a town settled by Germans in 1845. If you’ve never driven through the Hill Country...

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