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Road Trips

Hood Canal

Road Tripping in the Pacific NW: Cruising up the Hood Canal

The northwestern part of Washington State is constructed like a giant jigsaw puzzle with an intricate maze of islands and strips of mainland interspersed with salt and fresh water. Whether you hop on a ferry to one of the islands or cruise the highways leading out onto the Olympic...

Southeast Idaho

Fave Photos of 2013!

This time of year, it’s fun to look back and reflect on the year as a whole. 2014 is almost here, but before the clock strikes midnight and the calendar resets, I thought it would be fun to pick out some favorite photos from the past year. A lot of them are from prior posts, but...

Joshua Tree National Park

Park Beat XIV – Joshua Tree National Park

Driving into the desert is both exhilirating and solemn. The feeling of freedom abounds; free to explore and step out alone. There are no limits. Where the Mojave meets the Colorado Desert, mile after mile, foreign terrain stretches out past oddly shaped Joshua trees and large stacked...

Park Beat XIII – Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument

There’s a good chance that, unless you live in Idaho, you’ve never heard of Hagerman Fossil Beds, but not too far from Boise is home to over two hundred different species of fossilized plants and animals including the Sabertooth Cat, Mastodon, Bear, Camel and Ground Sloth...

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