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Sequoia National Park

Park Beat – Sequoia National Park

There’s only so far you can travel on a limited budget, but there were still many places to see before returning to Boise. After crossing back over the border, we spent a day in San Diego before heading back up north. Sequoia National Park was one park I had yet to check off the list so we drove north on I-5 before veering east towards the park. That night, we stayed in a little hotel in Three Rivers on the edge of Sequoia, a nice no frills family owned establishment. The next day we hopped back in the car and headed into the park as the fog masked our view. Although the view was limited, the fog provided an opportunity to view the park from a different perspective as we climbed up Moro Rock. The trees towering out of the fog made it even more evident of their towering height and sturdy base.

Although fleeting, the sun started shining just as we stopped off at the largest tree in the world measured by volume, General Sherman Tree, towering 275 feet tall and measured at 36 feet wide at its base. We then winded our way through the park, zipping along General Highway into Kings Canyon National Park traveling through the diverse ecosystems that make up the parks. Due to the large elevation range of the parks, the parks host over 1200 species of plants and 315 different species of animals. A lot of Kings Canyon was still closed due to early season conditions but we managed to sneak in a peek. 

We then popped out the other side of the park towards Fresno and kept heading north towards Yosemite National Park – our next stop on our park tour. Although we didn’t spend very long in Sequoia and Kings Canyon, as two of the oldest national parks in the country, they are well worth noting for their grandeur and rich history.

Sequoia National Park

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