Park Beat XIII – Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument

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There’s a good chance that, unless you live in Idaho, you’ve never heard of Hagerman Fossil Beds, but not too far from Boise is home to over two hundred different species of fossilized plants and animals including the Sabertooth Cat, Mastodon, Bear, Camel and Ground Sloth. Tucked area in a remote area of southern Idaho, there is no fee to drive through the monument. Although there are active digs in the protected area by staff paleontologists, visitors are not permitted to do their own digging. However, a lot of the fossils can be viewed at the visitor’s center in the town of Hagerman. What you will find within the park are vistas overlooking the Snake River Valley and the Oregon Trail.




If you’re not native to Idaho, you will also soon find that Idaho definitely doesn’t lack wide open space.

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Along the way to the monument area, there are other neat photo opportunities too.

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And, as usual, at the end of the day, the sunset lights up the sky like a giant firestorm. Idaho sunsets can surely compete with the best of them.


Here’s how to find Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument!

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