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Summer in Bloom

As the summer days get hotter and hotter, often the only way to escape the heat is to run for the mountains. It’s very freeing to sit up on a ridge as a light breeze blows by and peer down on the city below consumed in a hazy glow. Besides being able to step outside the elements of the everyday grind, it’s also nice to slow down and carefully observe nature’s details while hiking to lofty destinations.

This summer, as my husband and I explore the mountains surrounding Boise, Idaho more and more, I keep seeing several different kinds of wildflowers. In the spirit of summer, I’ve kept track of the flowers we’ve seen along the way (even the remnants of a large dandelion) to share and celebrate the summer blooms. Here’s to enjoying the season while it lasts as time quickly slips away towards fall. 

Finally, one of the many views you can find waiting for you at the top.

Shafer Butte, Boise National Forest

How have you enjoyed the summer months so far? 


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