The Road is Calling – Wisconsin to Nebraska

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Before we left Wisconsin to head back west, we took a quick tour of Milwaukee perched alongside Lake Michigan. At first glance, Milwaukee was a little rough around the edges and dated. However, once we drove out along the lake, it was as picturesque as its sister cities. Although, we were unable to stay in Milwaukee but for a quick second, I’m confident there were pockets of charm waiting to be discovered.

Wisconsin Milwaukee Wisconsin

As we drove away from Chicago, the city skyline looming in the rearview mirror, it was a signal that our trip would soon end as we headed back home. But the road still called with many miles ahead. We drove across Iowa as rows of farm fields passed by.  As expected, there was no grand attraction or American icon to keep our attention. But that was ok. The landscape of the heartland was exactly what felt right as we trucked mile by mile towards home.



Along the way, we did stop at the Antique Archaeology store, famous from the show American Pickers, in a little town called LeClaire, right on the Mississippi.  Crossing the famed Mississippi was a treat in itself,  but the shop was also a treasure trove of artifacts from an age past; old maps and postcards filled the spaces.

American Pickers LaClaire Iowa La Claire Iowa LaClaire Iowa Antique Archaeology

We drove on until we reached Omaha, Nebraska just in time to explore the city a bit at night. Omaha, once a potential home for me for law school, was a pleasant surprise.  The Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge and Old Market had a charm worth exploring more. 

Sunset  Omaha Nebraska

Each place throughout the country has it’s own history; it’s story preserved over time. With only one more true day to explore on our road trip across the midwest, it was hard not to hold onto the adventure that we had all undertaken.

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